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NAFT Energy Inc. is a strategy and business development boutique with special focus on opportunities in developing markets. We help our clients position, target, engage and execute those investment projects in markets where investment risks has kept the opportunities untapped.

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Strategy & Risk

Cyclic fluctuations of commodity prices, the rise of unconventional plays, the rivalry of renewable energies, geopolitical shifts and many other shaping factors indicate the need for a solid yet versatile strategy to mitigate the risks and take the advantage of the opportunities.


If you think your growth has been well but seems limited to the organic potential of your assets; or if you have several growth opportunities and not sure which one or what mix to move forward with, then you should call us right away.


The energy sector faces increasing pressure from the investment community to improve return through effective management of capital projects. Strong demand from stakeholders to consider environmental and socio-economic issues just adds to the complexity. What measures should you consider to ensure top-quartile project KPIs are met?


Syd Nejad

Syd Nejad

With a proven track record in strategic planning and upstream business development, Syd leads integrated teams for domestic and International fields/projects development. He has worked in a variety of roles including exploration/development drilling, production/field operations, reserves/ reservoir/exploitation engineering, A&D and corporate planning, portfolio optimization and asset characterization, business planning and strategy. Prior to moving to Canada Syd has been actively involved in upstream projects in Oman, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Yemen, and Tunisia.

Upstream Strategy & Investment in Developing Markets