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Naft Energy Inc. is a Calgary based consulting and solutions provider with proven capabilities, knowledge and tools for upstream strategy, business and projects development. As an independent company, we provide risk-adjusted solutions to our client’s challenges and help them make strategic decisions.
Our worldwide clients are small-to-medium size operators (E&P), investors, and JV partners.  Our Calgary-based professionals have extensive experience working across oil and gas industry. Our relationships are deep; we have cemented ourselves in Calgary through consistent delivery and relentless focus on objectivity, results, and value. Each of our team members brings in years of domestic and international experience in areas of strategy, business development, asset and project life-cycle management, exploitation and economics. Our experience and thorough approach ensure that our solutions are efficient and impactful.

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Strategy & Risk

In a fast pace and dynamic industry such as oil and gas strategic planning and development cannot be missed. Cyclic fluctuations in commodity prices, rise of unconventional plays, rivalry of renewables, shifts in geo-political and social risks and many other shaping factors indicate the need for a solid yet flexible strategy to mitigate the risks and take the advantage of the opportunities.


If you are thinking about forming a venture to explore blocks out for bidding in Africa; or if you think your growth has been well but seems limited to the organic potential of your assets; or if you have several growth opportunities and not sure which one or what mix to move forward with, then you should call us right away.


The energy sector faces increasing pressure from investment community to improvement return through effective management of capital projects. Strong demand from stakeholders to consider environmental and socio-economic issues just adds to the complexity. What measures should you consider to ensure top-quartile project KPIs are met?

Consulting Services


We help you develop and refine your upstream strategy in areas such as:

Corporate: strategic planning, opportunity ranking, competitive edge analysis, entry & exit strategyn, strategy audit, and risk.
Portfolio: strategy, risk, optimization, KPI.
Business unit: roadmap planning, business transformation, restructuring, business process mapping and improvement, Capex/Opex optimization, budgeting and change management.


Need to consolidate and refocus, or need to optimize a small asset? Contact us to discuss:

A&D: consolidation, market intelligence, asset valuation, data-room planning and asset promotion, due-diligence and risk assessment, and integration.
Development & Planning: exploitation engineering, asset optimization, depletion planning, competitor analysis and benchmarking, cash-flow optimization, and break-even analysis.

Capital Projects

We help you improve the value of your capital project through:

Strategy & Development: portfolio, charter, feasibility, integration and interface management, decision gate process optimization, stakeholder engagement, KPI assessment, benchmarking.
Value Optimization: VIP, audit, Capex vs. Opex, modularization, technology.
Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning
Project Management Information Systems: PMIS, assessment, planning, implementation.

Our Team

Syd Nejad P.Eng, MBA


With a proven track record in strategic planning and upstream business development Syd leads integrated teams for domestic and International fields/projects development. He has worked in a variety of roles including exploration/development drilling, production/field operations, reserves/ reservoir/exploitation engineering, A&D and corporate planning, portfolio optimization and asset characterization, business planning and strategy. Prior to moving to Canada Syd has been actively involved in upstream projects in Oman, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Yemen, and Tunisia.

Mehran Pooladi-Darvish P.Eng, PHD

Senior Advisor

Mehran Pooladi-Darvish leads the reservoir modeling and simulation team. He specializes in the analytical and numerical modeling of hydrocarbon recovery and reservoir characterization. He has published more than 50 Journal papers including "Best Paper published in the 2000 and 2005 in JCPT " and the "Distinguished Author Series" in the SPE (JPT) in 2004. Between 1997 and 2011 Mehran was a professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary. His research focused on production of gas from gas hydrates, CO2 sequestration in geological formations, cold production of heavy oil and naturally fractured reservoirs. He is a member of SPE, and APEGGA.

Andrew William P.Geoph


Andy is a senior professional geophysicist with over 24 years expertise in project execution and asset rationalization. Our clients benefit from his hands-on support for integrated geological and geophysical (G&G) interpretation projects: mapping and prospect development, regional trend analysis, exploration and development strategy development, recommendation and management of multi-well horizontal and vertical drilling programs, land sale / land block evaluations and land strategy development, acquisition and divestiture property asset evaluations, seismic program planning, parameter selection, processing QC and image quality optimization.

Our Partners

  • "We listen, discuss, research, plan, formulate, review and then ... you launch."