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NAFT Energy Inc. is a strategy and advisory boutique with special focus on opportunities in developing markets. We help our clients position, target, engage and execute those investment projects in markets where investment risks has kept the opportunities untapped.
NAFT’s domain experts in economics, commercial, risk and fiscal regime analysis, field and project development and other energy disciplines can help quantify and qualify the opportunities, develop risk mitigation plans, analyze the return of each project and help engage in long term investment opportunities ahead of the rivals. We work closely with our clients including small-to-medium E&Ps, energy companies, private equity funds (PE) and affluent investors to formulate an entry strategy. We bring local insight into the equation and help clients to turn risks into opportunities.
Contact us to learn more about upstream opportunities in Africa and Iran.

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Strategy & Risk

In a fast pace and dynamic industry such as oil and gas strategic planning and development cannot be missed. Cyclic fluctuations of commodity prices, rise of unconventional plays, rivalry of renewable energies, geo-political shifts and many other shaping factors indicate the need for a solid yet versatile strategy to mitigate the risks and take the advantage of the opportunities.


If you are thinking about forming a venture to explore blocks out for bidding in Africa; or if you think your growth has been well but seems limited to the organic potential of your assets; or if you have several growth opportunities and not sure which one or what mix to move forward with, then you should call us right away.


The energy sector faces increasing pressure from investment community to improve return through effective management of capital projects. Strong demand from stakeholders to consider environmental and socio-economic issues just adds to the complexity. What measures should you consider to ensure top-quartile project KPIs are met?

Consulting Services


We help you develop and refine your upstream strategy in areas such as:
Corporate: strategic planning, opportunity ranking, competitive edge analysis, entry & exit strategyn, strategy audit, and risk.
Portfolio: strategy, risk, optimization, KPI.
Business unit: roadmap planning, business transformation, restructuring, business process mapping and improvement, Capex/Opex optimization, budgeting and change management.


Need to consolidate and refocus, or need to optimize a small asset? Contact us to discuss:
A&D: consolidation, market intelligence, asset valuation, data-room planning and asset promotion, due-diligence and risk assessment, and integration.
Development & Planning: exploitation engineering, asset optimization, depletion planning, competitor analysis and benchmarking, cash-flow optimization, and break-even analysis.

Capital Projects

We help you improve the value of your capital project through:
Strategy & Development: portfolio, charter, feasibility, integration and interface management, decision gate process optimization, stakeholder engagement, KPI assessment, benchmarking.
Value Optimization: VIP, audit, Capex vs. Opex, modularization, technology.
Risk Analysis and Mitigation Planning

Our Team

Syd Nejad P.Eng, MBA


Syd leads our strategy and business development front. He assess the commercial viability of opportunities, formulates an entry strategy, develops the business case and form the JV partnership. Syd brings wealth of International experience in commercial and operations of upstream projects. He has worked in variety of roles including: strategy and corporate planning, acquisition and divestiture, portfolio optimization, asset management, production/field operations; and reserves/reservoir/exploitation engineering. Syd has worked in North America as well as several emerging markets including Oman, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Yemen, and Tunisia.

Mehran Pooladi-Darvish P.Eng, PHD

Senior Advisor, Reservoir Eng.

Mehran leads the reservoir management team. He specializes in analytical and numerical modeling of hydrocarbon recovery and reservoir characterization. He has published more than 50 Journal papers including “Best Paper published in the 2000 and 2005 in JCPT ” and the “Distinguished Author Series” in the SPE (JPT) in 2004. Between 1997 and 2011 Mehran was a professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Calgary. His research focused on naturally fractured reservoirs, production of gas from gas hydrates, CO2 sequestration in geological formations, gas-storage and cold production of heavy oil reservoirs. Mehran worked previously with R.E.R.I. in California and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) in Iran. He has appeared as an expert witness at the EUB (Alberta). Mehran received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Iran. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta. He is a member of both the SPE and APEGGA.

Reza Zandkarimi P.Eng, M.Sc.Geo.

Senior Advisor, Geology

Reza has years of worldwide industry experience in Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North America. He has hands-on experience in geological modeling of different types of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, such as clastic, carbonates, shale plays, tight sand, water flood and heavy oil. His oil and gas expertise includes full field development and planning, reservoir characterization, reservoir Geo-modeling and well Planning. Moreover, He is an experienced instructor of NEXT (Schlumberger) and Roxar solutions for geology, geomodeling and integrated reservoir management courses in North America and globally. He is an active member of Professional Geologists of Alberta (APEGA). He is also member of AAPG, CSPG. EAGE, SPE, and PMI.

Upstream Strategy & Investment in Developing Markets