Projects: Asset Optimization and Market Intellegence

Objective: To optimize the value of few under-performing assets in WCSB
Focus: Strategy      Growth      Performance
Domain: Growth, Asset Optimization
Client: Mid-cap Canadian operator with several assets in Canada


Client needed to revisit the growth strategy in a pool with few fragmented assets in WCSB. Needed to decide either to divest and pull out of the play, or to buy rivals out and boost the synergy and improve the economics.

NAFT Energy consultant worked closely with client’s asset team and conducted market intelligence to elevate the knowledge of the team about more effective completion techniques including but not limited to horizontal well placement, fracking parameters, completion design, start-up, test and more.

Reservoir quality and sweat spots were identified and several field development scenarios reviewed. Supported by sensitivity analysis a  depletion plan was developed.


The asset review and optimization resulted in:

– An optimized depletion plan and improved asset value,

– Choice of strategy to approach neighboring owners to sell-out or allow farm-in.


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