The Era of Collective Intelligence!

The world didn’t come to an end in 22nd of December 2012 as some interpreted from Mayan’s calendar, but we observe that the human kind is entering into a new era, an era of collective thinking. Perhaps without doubt the Internet was the first and the biggest example of it and surely provided a backbone […]

An Introduction to project economics, portfolio, and acquisition and divestiture in oil and gas sector.

How to do upstream oil and gas asset evaluation, An Introduction to project economics, portfolio, and acquisition and divestiture in oil and gas sector. This article should not be taken as a guide to pick oil and gas stocks, but those who are interested in upstream business development and in particular acquisition and divestiture (A&D), may […]

Innovation in Renewable Energies

Technology improvement is about “doing things differently”, but innovation is about “doing different things”. The IEA report about additional natural resources in US has created a lot of excitement in US. Nevertheless, the fact that the resources are by nature widely unconventional means that every barrel of the shale-oil or shale-gas (boe) will require more […]

Good News for Alberta Heavy!

The takeaway pipelines for Alberta oil are in headlines almost every day. Lack of the infrastructure to connect Edmonton to the world or even to the Eastern Canada where a refining capacity of 700,000 is available seems to have roots in the past (The Globe & Mail). Nevertheless, the matter is a national priority now. […]

Has America Lost It’s Ability to Compete?

Well, the Harvard Business School’s survey suggest that it has (HBS survey). The survey is very comprehensive and covers not only the school’s alumni, but also it includes the business community. Interestingly enough, president Obama’s recent speech about the fiscal budget at Knox College (report on BBC) touched on a few key areas of the […]