Fail Fast, but Learn Faster – Going Global, Alberta!

  Today, Alberta carries a sustained budget deficit of $10.64b (FP, GoA), at about 10% unemployment rate, and Calgary, once the fastest growing city in Canada sits at 30% office vacancy rate and 7% residential vacancy rate (25Y all time high). The question is that will Calgary become like Detroit? Has Canadian oil and gas […]

Are We Heading Down to a Double-Dip?

The commodity price violation has two sides. One side is the economics of supply-demand, and the other side few wild cards that can surprise the market over night! You need a magic ball to forecast the oil price and guess whether we have passed the bottom or not. Quite a few investment bankers foresee a […]

The Era of Collective Intelligence!

The world didn’t come to an end in 22nd of December 2012 as some interpreted from Mayan’s calendar, but we observe that the human kind is entering into a new era, an era of collective thinking. Perhaps without doubt the Internet was the first and the biggest example of it and surely provided a backbone […]