IPC Bid Round: Prequalification

The NIOC just announced that it is offering 50 fields to international bidders, 29 of them oil fields and the remainder gas fields. What are the timelines of the prequalification process? Deadline for accepting the applications to enroll into prequalification for IPC tender: 17th of November 2016 Announcement of the qualified bidders: 7th of December […]

Iran Renewable Energy Congress – Tehran Dec 2016

Renewable energies are still in infancy stage in Iran, with only 70 MW online. The major challenge of the sector is lack of financing. Given attractive feed-in-tariff’s set by SUNA (13- 32 cents per KW/h) and availability of human resources, infrastructure and EPC capacity, Iran’s renewable energy is at the verge of a massive growth. Investments […]

What Do You Know About The IPC By-Law?

On 3 August 2016, the Council of Ministers of Iran approved a document described as the by-law governing the IPCs (the “By-law”). It should be noted that the By-law approved is not the Iran Petroleum Contract (the “IPC”). The IPC is still being finalised by the National Iranian Oil Company (the “NIOC”). The By-law was […]

What’s Up With The IPC (interview with JPT, Sep’2016)

Part of our CEO’s interview with Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT) which is to be published on September 2016. Please contact us if any questions. How is the Iran Petroleum Contract now shaping up? What does it hold for potential international companies wishing to invest in Iranian projects? The Iran Petroleum Contract has gone through several phases of scrutiny by the […]

Can Canadian Companies Do Business with Iran?

This is a simple question, but there is not a simple “Yes” or “No” answer to it, at least not yet (up to the date of this post). Up until the 5th of February 2016 the answer to the above question was “No”. Regardless of  whether you wanted to export oilfields equipment, provide services, consulting, receiving your invoices, etc. the […]

Iran Upstream Opportunities (OGFJ publication) – Jan’2016.

We are pleased to let you know that our article about “Iran upstream opportunities” was featured in Society of Petroleum Engineers website (SPE) as well as in Oil & Gas Financial Journal, Dec’2015 edition. The article is a digest review of the Iran’s upstream opportunities, NIOC, IPC and country risk profile. Subscribe in our newsletter to stay […]

To Stay or To Go?! The Impact of Recent Iran-Saudi Tension on IPC

Iran-Saudi conflict has roots in history. Two heavy weight Islamic states have invisible borders all around the Middle East and Africa. Gradual shift of foreign policy of the US in the Middle East and in particular recent agreement on containment of Iran’s nuclear ambitions (JCPOA) seen as a favour to Iran by Saudis. Once US’s […]

Your Entry Strategy to Multi-Billion Dollar Iranian Oilfields Services & Equipment

Iranian oilfield services sector (OFS) needs to grow in capacity and quality to be able to support the IPC projects and make Iran’s vision of 5.7 million bpd production a reality. About 10 years ago at the time of buy-back contracts the sector was dominated by big four. Their combined revenue from Iran estimated about $500-700 US […]