Projects: Interface Management – PMIS

Objective: To improve project risk management through implementation and enforcement of project interface management and PMIS implementation.
Focus: Strategy      Growth      Performance
Domain: Capital Projects, PMS
Client: International operator, SAGD Pad Development


Our client was keen to improve communication, alignment and harmony among project team members and several stakeholders. Result of the root cause analysis suggested focusing on interface management. The consultancy work addressed:

– Review of the in-house project management information system (PMIS),

– Implementation of the PMIS into SAGD pad development project team (plus education),

– Planning and enforcement until smooth utilization of the PMIS system,

– Capturing interface issues and rectifying them in weekly meetings,

– Documenting of the interface issues and providing feedback to sustaining pads design team and other stakeholders for design and work-process improvement.


Implementation of the PMIS and active project interface management resulted in:

– Reduced project risk through identification of risks and implementation of mitigation plans ahead of the time,

– Improved communication and alignment among the project team and stakeholders,

– Several lessons learned and rooms for improvement identified and captured that can be used in design phase and VIP process.


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