Projects: Portfolio Optimization – Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB)

Objective: To analyze client’s portfolio of upstream assets in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) and to formulate a portfolio optimization process.
Focus: Strategy      Growth      Performance
Domain: Strategy & Risk
Client: Large-cap Canadian integrated operator with several assets in Canada (including oil, gas, unconventional plays, oil sands, onshore, offshore)


NAFT Energy consultant worked closely with strategy & planning group as well as several asset teams in client’s office to collect, compile, and analyze the budget, cost, production profiles and other data of each asset. Overall portfolio comprise of 100+ different assert management units (AMU) with combined production of 100,000+ boe/d.

Our consulting services:

– Reviewed and refined set of KPIs that could support corporate short-to-mid term strategy,

– QCed, processed and analyzed the data associate to each asset,

– Compiled the data set at portfolio level and developed cross-plots linked to KPIs.

– Flagged anomalies in data-set and sub-sets based on liquid type, plays, etc.

– Analyzed and qualified the top and bottom-quartile set of assets,

– Formulated optimization process for the portfolio i.e. divestiture list of assets from bottom-quartile lists and acquisition of assets around top-quartile list to improve synergy and push the overall value of the portfolio up.


The portfolio review and optimization project provided:

– Clarity in the asset mix, also alignment among stakeholders on strategic options,

– Input to the A&D program,

– A tool to assess the impactfullness of new acquisition targets on portfolio value.


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