SPE Seminar: An Introduction to Iran Upstream Openings

Date: Sep 29 2015 11:30 AM MDT — Tue, Sep 29 2015 1:00 PM MDT

Venue: Petroleum Club, Calgary, Alberta.




The hydrocarbon prize is huge, with 157 billion barrels of proven oil reserves and 1,200 trillion cubic feet (34 trillion cubic meters) of gas reserves, Iran offers unprecedented “company maker” opportunities. Despite having more than a century of experience of oil production, the Iranian energy sector is in dire need of direct foreign investment, the right technologies and the expertise to maximize the value of existing and future oil and gas operations. An estimated $150-$200 billion dollars is expected to be invested in Iran’s oil and gas industry over a period of 10 years following lifting of sanctions.

What is the size of the prize? How does your organization formulate an entry strategy for Iran that both manages the risk and positions for success?

This seminar will present an overview of business opportunities in Iranian oil and gas market with a particular focus on the upstream sector. The luncheon is a MUST for leaders in E&P with a focus on strategy, business development, new ventures, A&D, portfolio, and risk diversification. Professionals in investment banking, private equity, insurance and market analysis will also benefit from this seminar.


Syd Nejad is an expert in commercial and operations of upstream projects. He has served the industry in a variety of roles including strategy and corporate planning, acquisition and divestiture, portfolio optimization, asset management, production/field operations; and reserves, reservoir/exploitation engineering.