Fail Fast, but Learn Faster – Going Global, Alberta!

  Today, Alberta carries a sustained budget deficit of $10.64b (FP, GoA), at about 10% unemployment rate, and Calgary, once the fastest growing city in Canada sits at 30% office vacancy rate and 7% residential vacancy rate (25Y all time high). The question is that will Calgary become like Detroit? Has Canadian oil and gas […]

7 Factors to Succeed in Canadian Energy Sector

With the ramp up of the crude prices, rush to the Canadian oil sands accelerated in 2006. The market observed multi-billion dollar upstream deals mainly driven by Asian NOCs taking over a complete corporate or an asset. Often the takeover indicated premium price uptick that fueled the speculation that the buyers must have a different […]

Good News for Alberta Heavy!

The takeaway pipelines for Alberta oil are in headlines almost every day. Lack of the infrastructure to connect Edmonton to the world or even to the Eastern Canada where a refining capacity of 700,000 is available seems to have roots in the past (The Globe & Mail). Nevertheless, the matter is a national priority now. […]