The Era of Collective Intelligence!

The world didn’t come to an end in 22nd of December 2012 as some interpreted from Mayan’s calendar, but we observe that the human kind is entering into a new era, an era of collective thinking. Perhaps without doubt the Internet was the first and the biggest example of it and surely provided a backbone for collective approach to many things that we used to do. It is amazing to see the collective approach now is getting more applications everyday.

Creative Morning is a foundation created to connect creative people (artists, designers, etc.) to bounce ideas and prove that 1+1 can really become 5! Very impressive to see how communication advancements over past decade and use of Internet, teleconferencing, pod/web-casting and other available tools have made the collective intelligence at global scale a reality.

Other interesting example, and certainly more at the business side, is the Groupon which works based on the collective power of bargaining. A very recent one that I found is Qui Bids that is a collective auction platform. The business model is a combination of traditional auction and the Groupon collective purchase power. Other applications such as Microfinance can satisfy your sense of social responsibility. The other similar application of collective thinking is crowdfunding.

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Once someone said that Internet is like a very congested jungle of information. The information is there but finding the right information may become harder as we add billions of byes to the network everyday. The other interesting trend is the data mining and the tools and techniques that can translate the data into information, or identify a trend. Some speculations suggest that companies such as Google may be able to develop or steer trends among the societies about a particular subject easily by twicking the ranking of the news and information listed in search results (read more). Sounds a bit scary, isn’t it.

What do you think about the collective intelligence and the direction it is heading? How soon do you think we would see examples of Collective-Conscience in our societies? Is Wall-Street Occupation an example of collective-action?

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  1. I think collective intelligence has been around for some time in a form of families, communities, companies, etc and as you said, internet enabled a new kind of collective intelligence. It fascinates me for instance how a community of developers who developed Linux open source operating system. I’m sure there are many other examples. I heard about a project to address global climate change by inviting people with new ideas & proposals to deal with this serious problem (Climate CoLab With internet, we’re all connected and it’s important how we learn to use our brains and intelligence to make not only smart but also wise choices for us and future generation.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Niaz. Yes, what is happening sounds very natural. And surely the communication and sharing/flow of the information are the backbone.